Students, we hope that these pages connect you with your school and that the information provided is beneficial to you. For others, we hope that these pages will give you insight to student life at Charlottesville Catholic School. . . WELCOME!

In line with our school’s mission, the following Christian principles exemplify the expectation students must reflect. A Charlottesville Catholic student is an individual that:

  1. Gives personal best in academics, sports, and other extra-curricular activities.
  2. Respects all adults and peers in words, actions, and non-verbal communications.
  3. Is empathetic and accepting of others and their differences.
  4. Is polite and courteous by using proper manners at all times, including: responding “please”, “thank you”, addressing others in hallway, holding the door for adults, etc.
  5. Is honest and trustworthy.
  6. Accepts responsibility and consequences for personal actions.
  7. Respects the rights and property of others.
  8. Resolves conflict with other students in a positive manner and seeks adult interaction when needed.
  9. Refrains from any aggressive physical behavior and renounces verbal, nonverbal, physical bullying or intimidation.
  10. Abides by all school rules, regulations, and policies.
  11. Presents a neat appearance and complies with the school uniform guidelines