General Grooming Guidelines and Enforcement Policy

General Dress:
  • The dress code applies to all students as long as they are on school grounds or at school-sponsored activities, including field trips.
  • Students should present a neat appearance. No sloppy dress permitted.
  • Shirts must be buttoned, except for top button, and neatly tucked in at all times.
  • Clothing should be clean, unwrinkled, devoid of holes, and not faded, torn, or frayed; patched clothing is acceptable.
  • Pants and skirts should be worn above the hips.
  • No baggy, oversized, or excessively tight clothing.
  • No sweatshirts/sweaters worn around the waist.
  • Undergarments must not show through uniform parts.
Free Dress Days:
  • Students will be notified of any special occasions when they are allowed to wear non-uniform “free dress” clothing.
  • Free Dress Days are a privilege, not a student right.
  • All non-uniform clothing worn at school or school event, which contains a message, picture, or logo, must present a positive image acceptable at CCS.
  • All non-uniform clothing must appropriately cover one’s body; no muscle shirts, spaghetti strap tops, low cleavage, and/or short shorts are permitted.
  • Shoes must be safe and sturdy. No high heels or flip flops.
  • Make-up and colored finger nail polish are not permitted on Free Dress Days.
  • Girl/Boy Scouts are allowed to wear their scout uniform or vest to school on days they have their meeting. Shoes must still meet the uniform requirements.
Jewelry / Piercings:
  • One cross, religious charm or medal, one ring, one bracelet, and a watch are permissible.
  • Only necklaces with a religious medal/theme or cross may be worn.
  • Chokers, large bracelets and necklaces are not acceptable, including “Live Strong” or any variation of this bracelet.
  • No visible body piercings; girls are allowed a single stud earring in each ear. No hoop, dangling, or French loop earrings are permitted. No tongue piercings.
  • No chains or studded jewelry of any kind may be worn to school or at any school sponsored event/trip.
  • Due to the potential for lost items, younger children are strongly discouraged from wearing jewelry.
  • No thumb rings permitted.
  • No shoe jewelry.
  • Hair should be groomed away from the face so as not to cover the face.
  • No hair dying, chunking, or streaking.
  • No shaved or intentionally bald heads. No designs are to be shaven into hair.
  • No “skater cuts”, spiked hair, or tails.
  • Boys: Hair must not extend over the ears or eyebrows, or below the top of the shirt collar. No ponytails. Sideburns must be straight, trimmed, and must not extend beyond the lowest opening of the ear. Students must be cleanly shaven every day (no mustaches, beards, or goatees).
  • Girls: Conservative hair clips are allowed (dark blue, white, etc.) but bandannas, multi-colored ribbons, etc. are not.
Makeup / Nail Polish:
  • No makeup.
  • Clear colorless fingernail polish is permitted only for girls in grades 6-8.
  • No artificial fingernails.
  • No visible tattoos.