Dress Code Enforcement Policy

Dress code enforcement begins at home. Students should come to school dressed in clean, unwrinkled uniforms, with shirts tucked in and belts when required.

Students in violation of the dress code will face consequences that may include mandatory dismissal from class and/or school until appropriate attire is acquired.

Final determination of dress code compliance is at the discretion of the administration.

* FIRST OFFENSE: Teacher/Administrator/Aide/Staff Member discusses infraction with student. Teacher may send infraction form home to be signed by parent/guardian and returned to school.
* SECOND OFFENSE (in one grading period): Infraction form is sent home for return signature. Principal is notified.
* THIRD OFFENSE: (in one grading period) If the infraction is the same as a previous infraction/offense, the student is sent to the main office. The front desk calls parent/guardian to bring in the appropriate clothing needed before the student is allowed to return to class. If it is a third offense but not the same infraction, teacher/aide/staff member will consult with principal as to course of action. Students with 3 infractions cannot participate in “free dress day” for that month.
* FOURTH OFFENSE (in one grading period): Student loses free dress privilege for next two months and parents will be called to bring the appropriate uniform.

All class work missed due to uniform infractions/offenses will be made up at the discretion of the teacher.
Loss of a student’s privileges may be substituted for any level of offense. The principal will make this decision in consultation with the classroom teacher.