Music is a great gift from God and each CCS student can develop his or her own musical abilities and talents to glorify God throughout life.

The music program at CCS offers students a wide variety of avenues to express themselves musically and creatively. The foundation of music education at CCS is audiation, or “musical thinking”. Students’ audiation is bolstered by exposure to a rich musical vocabulary and participation in movement-based learning. In addition to learning audiation, CCS students receive a well-rounded musical experience. Students learn about myriad styles, cultures, and time-periods; experiment with new instruments, tonalities, and meters; and move through different levels, spaces, and pathways. In addition, the CCS music program grants students the opportunity to improvise, read music, compose, and perform. Through these methods and techniques, students learn that, though entertaining, music is a discipline and art worthy of respect and diligent study.

The primary goal of the CCS music program is to give students musical skills that they can use for a lifetime, skills that will transform students into competent, literate musicians who have an understanding and appreciation for music no matter what the musical environment. Through formal and informal music training, CCS students will develop a meaningful and lasting appreciation of music.

Make a joyful noise to the Lord!